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Options for Winter

Options for Winter – registration is now open!!!!!


League Play


The league will begin on Sunday, January 6th .Games between 8am-1pm.  8 week session with a bye on 20 Jan and 18 Feb.  The last game is 1 March. The cost is $3,750 per team and each player must have an active membership ($35 per player).  This team is open only to Freshman who are interested in playing lacrosse for Staples this spring. 


We will be hiring a coach and need a parent manager to help keep things organized. Without a volunteer we will not be able to participate in this league. There are 34 potential players on this email list we sincerely hope you all take the opportunity to participate in league play.  We understand many of you will not make it to every game.  It is important to gauge the level of interest so please let me if your daughter will be playing this winter.


There is no registration link for this league as soon as we have a parent manager we will proceed with registration.



If you are NOT A FRESHMAN you should use the link provide below to register for the winter league.  The first games begin on 8 Dec. All game are played between 1pm to 8pm.  It doesn’t matter which team you signup for. Given the numbers currently we may only have on team.

Please use the link below if you are NOT a freshman and register to play


Clinic Options

Sono Field House – South Norwalk

Brand new this season Sono is offering a Staples only clinic being run by Kait Rochler. This is open to all prospective players on a first come first serve basis. For those of you who do not know, Kait she an assistant coach at Darien. She coaches for Grizzlies and for Sono. Kait is a highly skilled and experienced coach. We are very fortunate to have her working with us. 

Clinic: Staples only coached by Kait Rochler

Dates/Times: Wednesday Session 12-5/2-27 4:45-6:00pm 12 Weeks


Cost: $499


Clinic: Winter High School Advanced & Elite (*All Staples lacrosse players qualify for this advanced clinic and certain athletes will be moved to elite pods based on the clinic coaches discretion)

Dates/Times: Wednesday Session 12-5/2-27 3:30-4:45pm


Cost: $499

by posted 10/21/2018
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