Staples High School Westport CT Girls Lacrosse

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Booster Club


Mission Statement
The role of the Booster Club is to provide financial support to the girls in the Staples High School Girls Lacrosse program.  Staples High School Athletics only partially funds the cost of the lacrosse program and the Booster Club collects funds through dues and fundraising to supplement the program. The Booster Club benefits the Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.  The Booster Club supplements coach's and assistant coach's salaries not paid through Staples Athletics, purchases additional equipment and game film and sponsors the indoor space needed to hold tryouts and pre-season practices.
Additionally, the Booster Club acts as the voice of the coaching staff during the off-season. The Booster Club's role during the off-season is to guide and encourage the players to prioritize lacrosse; either directly providing supplemental lacrosse training or notifying players of lacrosse training offered by external clubs and organizations.  The Booster Club supports the Staples coaching staff in developing players making them successful on and off the field.
Primary goals: 
Hire a reliable coaching staff

Provide supplemental coaching for goalies and provide speciality clinics, ie draw, shooting
Increase the level of booster club participation to over 80%